The Healing of Families
Father Yozefu-B. Ssemakula
Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Why go to a Healing of Families Seminar?
  • We are created by God in families, no one is naturally born without parents, without family. God created us attached to our families to ensure the best possible chances for our survival and be able to grow up and make it in life. He intended to bless us automatically through our natural families, that blessings infused by Him in them may simply go down our lines of descendants, and this is happening. However there is also something else happening: satan also discovered this plan of God to bless us for all through life, and he bugged the system by implanting sin into it. And so as blessings are being transmitted in your family, non-blessings too get transmitted. The Healing of families seminar will enable you to detect where this is happening in your particular family, and will show you how to deal effectively with it, pulling it out of your family for good!
  • Must my whole family go to attend it?
  • The amazing thing in this healing prayer is that no, not all your family must attend. Obviously, the more people of your family that can go to he seminar the better, it enables you to discover the enemy's traps in your family easier and quicker as you can discuss your family history while you listen to the teachings. But also one person does effectively represent the whole family regardless of whether the absent members of the family are aware of the seminar or not, or would be willing to attend it or not. This is the amazing grace of God in this prayer. Just one member of the family can bring freedom to the whole family through this prayer.
  • It must cost a lot of money to do so much good to so many people of my family all at once, must it not?
  • No. Fr Joseph does these seminars free of charge. You can always give a donation if you so wish. However, be sure to bring a dollar with you so you can take home the follow-up prayer card/pamphlet to this seminar after he has explained to you how to use it.
  • How can I find dates and locations of future "Healing of Families" seminars?
  • You can easily find upcoming seminars listed under the "Events" tab of this website where all scheduled seminars are posted and continually updated. The "Healing of Families" seminars are not done on a regular basis, so it may take some extra effort to find one near you. As vital as it is, Fr. Joseph is not currently able to do this powerful healing and deliverance ministry full time.
  • How do I know I have a need to attend this seminar?
  • When you have prayed long about something to God and nothing or very little has happened. This is most often a sign that there is more you need to know and do that you most probably didn't know about and therefore could not do. You will learn of it at the seminar, and be able to do it by the end of that very day, and later go home and simply wait for the healing to descend on your family members one by one as you do the simple follow-up prayer and watch!
  • Can one who has not been able to attend the Healing of Families seminar yet use this Healing of Families prayer card?
  • Yes. Even we refer to it above as the "follow-up prayer", it can also be used by one who hasn't had the opportunity to go to the seminar yet. It is also called an 'emergency prayer' in praying for tough problems of someone, personal or familial.Thus praying right about those issues will begin to bring some respite to the situation but which may not be permanent. A complete overhaul of the situation will most often happen at the seminar as so much of the praying process involves understanding exactly what is going on in your life and in the life of your family, which you wil discover as you listen to Fr.Joseph's teaching.
  • What materials do I need to attend the seminar?
  • Bring with you writing material for your notes, and a Bible. You will also do very well to visit the website of Christian Healing Ministries, (CHM), Jacksonville, Florida, to pull off two useful tools: the Family Tree Preparation questionnaire, and the Occult Sheet questionnaire. Coming to the seminar with these two already completed will save you a lot of time and give you an opportunity for deeper reflection on whatever else may be going on in your, and your family's, life - all necessary material in order to go through this seminar well and with much profit.
  • What exactly is Fr.Joseph's new book on Healing of Families about?
  • If you have been having doubts about this prayer this is one very good book to read! In his compelling new book, Fr.Joseph explains and shows you how God arranged our human life on certain specific systems, both physical and spiritual systems. Sometimes you will find people disqualifying generational healing prayer as not being Catholic. But when speaking about systems of human life, of what religion are they? Or what religion is human nature as made by God? We have all to gain to know how we were made, and for each bit of ignorance we pay a price. Think in the medical world, for example, how many people lost their lives in the long past because knowledge about a certain disease was still deficient? And each time knowledge of the human biological system advanced more and more lives were saved. We have not only human biological systems to learn about but also human spiritual systems. The case in point is one of them. One basic system is our family system, which has both bodily and spiritual components. They were given to us by God as the best way He could arrange human life for the utmost good. However, it is because we don’t know enough about these fundamental systems sometimes, that the evil one takes advantage of us in them, infiltrates them and turns then around to work against us. And because they are fundamental, when the evil one invades them he causes fundamental problems, and sometimes fundamental damage. In fact that is why he goes for them, in order to have a considerable negative impact on our lives. This is why often people pray long and hard about certain issues in their lives and the lives of their families and exactly nothing happens. And it is not because God is not willing. God Himself says: “ My people perish for lack of knowledge”, (Hosea 4:6). In Fr Joseph’s book the systems that are relevant to this family healing prayer figure as The Five Cardinal Points. Complete with more than 30 pages on only Scriptures, (Chapters 10 and 11), this is a compelling 340-page book. We do not forget also the Lord’s promise of the Holy Spirit who will keep teaching us all through ( Jn.16:12-13). It is a resource that not only will put your final doubts about generational healing to rest, but will enable you to immediately begin preparing to pray effectively for the healing of your family system because it can heal. For it is not the evil one, but Jesus, who came to save us, that has the final word about our daily lives – if we want it. Below is the table of contents of the book: TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction CHAPTER 1: Human Healing and the Human Spirit. Healing and Freedom. Why Does God Heal? Our Choice for Satan. CHAPTER 2: Suffering and Our Image Of God. The Parable of the Talents. John 10:10. Unnecessary Suffering. Necessary Suffering – The Cross. The Suffering of the Saints. The Punishment of God. Jesus and Temporal Punishment. If It Is Not Punishment, Then What Is It? The Will of God. Does Nature Sin? CHAPTER 3: The Healing of Families Prayer and My Story. My Story. The Case of Joe. CHAPTER 4: The Five Cardinal Points and Knowing Your Enemy. The Five Cardinal Points: 1. We are created of both a physical and a spiritual nature. 2. We are created attached to other people. 3. Our most important and fundamental choices in life are made for us by others. 4. There is power in our spoken words. 5. There is power in the Name of Jesus. Knowing Your Enemy. CHAPTER 5: Introducing the Access Points. First Access Point: Unforgiveness and Childhood Trauma. CHAPTER 6: Second Access Point: Unhealthy Relationships with Our Friends. CHAPTER 7: Third Access Point: Occult Involvement. CHAPTER 8: Fourth Access Point: Family Bondage. Saddam Hussein and Sons, and Derek. At the Doctor’s. The Ant in a Room. How Do You Know a Problem Is from a Family Bondage? How Do Bondages Come into Families? Praying for the Dead. CHAPTER 9: The Stymied Impasse. CHAPTER 10: Scriptures. CHAPTER 11: Generational Sin and Generational Confession. An Example of a Generational Confession in Daniel 9:1-19. Baruch. Cautions. Family Bondages and Eternal Salvation or Damnation. CHAPTER 12: Christ, Our Way Out. Seven Steps to Freedom. CONCLUSION. FAMILY HEALING PRAYER SERVICE (A paraliturgy). APPENDICES: I – Unforgiveness and Trauma List. 2 – Unhealthy Relationships List. 3 - Occult Involvement and Inventory. 4 – Family Bondage: Preparation of Family Tree. 5 - Breaking a Satanic Seal. 6 – Freemasonry Effects and Release Prayer. 7 – The Quick One. 8 – What do you do if you will never get to a seminar for the Healing of Families? ?
  • What is the difference between the First Edition of Fr. Joseph's book and the Second Edition?
  • It has first corrections of typos in the first text.And there are in all about 15 more pages of more text in the second edition; nothing really new, just more explanation on some points. Below are all the additions in detail and the pages onto which they were added: Addenda to Healing Of Families book: Added sub-titles titles to Chapter 12 in Table Of Contents: -How Free Are We After Freeing Ourselves? -A note About Psychological Interventions Addendum to page 170. (this is a paragraph coming after the paragraph ending with “…show up at that level.”) This spotting of family bondages is rendered even trickier sometimes in the sense that since they concern us rational human beings, very often there will be plausible logical reasons we shall find to explain why something happened to a given person. For example, this gentleman is out of a job today because of the poor economy of the country. But five years ago (when the economy was OK), he actually had a boss who wasn’t a good person at all. They couldn’t get on well, so he had to quit his job. But also five years before that, the company he had worked for went bankrupt and it had to close its doors … So all this gave our friend the pattern of working for 2-3 years each time and losing a job. Now, which of these reasons are of his own making? None. But how do we say this could be a bondage? As long as you look just at the reasons, and all of which are very good ones in this case, you will hardly spot the bandage. The fact that the reasons are different each time and plausible as well, is meant by the engineer of bondages to throw you off track, so you don’t discover what is really going on. But however much he may try to conceal it with different reasons and circumstances, the evil on who feeds on our pain, cannot conceal it indefinitely, as the pain is always evident. And therefore in all those different situations the end point is the same: no job. And that’s how we spot the bondage. He may play about with a whole diversity of settings, reasons, and logic. But for this person concerned, the end point is always the same negative condition. When we say this is a bondage and therefore behind it lies the author of pain, it doesn’t mean that the person concerned is without any responsibility whatsoever, being a victim of the devil, etc. No. The person may have some known difficult behaviors and ways of being that make him not an easy person to interact with. Then it is precisely in that personal way of his being that the bondage is rooted, and then systematically leading him to not keeping, or getting, jobs; one bondage systematically leading to another, all under the appearances of “normal” circumstances of life. Looking at how it always ends (in the same negative way) is the key to spotting these kinds of bondages. Addendum to page 198: (it replaces the last paragraph) Before we turn to Scripture for more enlightenment about generational blessings and bondages, it is important to show how important these can be. As mentioned above while introducing the Four Access Points, this Access Point 4, (of family bondages), can include any or all of the other three. What does that mean? It means that unforgiveness and childhood trauma can be a family bondage, when you see, for example, that in a given family unforgiveness is an issue; they just never let go, whether among themselves, or between them and other people from outside of the family. Situations that cause childhood trauma, especially of the severe type, are almost always family bondages. Some severe abuses of children are perpetuated by family members – a bondage from within; while other families may have a type of bondage where its children fall victims to outside abusers - a bondage operating from outside of the family. And yet others may have a bit of both, though the first two are more common, and more so the first one. You get amazed when you open your eyes to see which patterns the evil one chooses to design for us; because we allowed him to do it! Likewise, Access Point 2 can be in the form of a family bondage. That is where you find, for example, that family members, even if not living together, or just a single family member (remember we said it can still be a bondage even if showing up in just one visible member), will repeatedly seem to team up with the wrong people, and who therefore always pull them into compromising situations. While Access Points 1 and 2 may, or may not, be family bondages, Access Point 3, involvement in the occult, almost always comes from a family bondage, as we mentioned in chapter 9 in the situation of our fictitious Thomas. Now that you have seen how critical the family connection is in life, then you would expect that the Scriptures would not be silent about it. How could things this important be absent from Scripture? It would not be fair of the Father to keep this knowledge from us. Let’s go to the Bible. Addendum to end of chapter 12,on pg. 248. How Free Are We After Freeing Ourselves? A question can be asked on how free then are we after freeing ourselves in this prayer? Are our family attachments severed then so we cannot be negatively affected anymore by what our family members do? Obviously we know by now that it is Christ who frees us, but yet I have used “after freeing ourselves” looking at it from the point of view of our having made the conscious choice to allow the Savior to give us His life in this way too. Our bodily and spiritual connectedness with family (which I refer to below as “the system”, or “chain”), may seem to be a heavy burden when we think of how, not just our family but, all of us will continue sinning until death! But remember it was given to us as a gift by God, because it was the best possible way He could arrange our lives. That's why He did it that way, and whatever He made was very good. This means that we are not meant to be eternal victims of the system. We are, as long as we remain ignorant of it, so it works against us, but not, when we know how it works. Going through this prayer, you begin by freeing your freewill entangled in the system, so you don't have to pay for the negatives coming through it. Once you have done that, you have severed the negative feeding line in it, but the good one remains, and is even enhanced, to get to you the good things your heavenly Father meant for you through it. But don't forget that you are also a major player in the chain. You, just like your ancestry, have the power to feed into the chain what you have freely chosen to feed into it! And where, whomever they were back there, had (knowingly or unknowingly) chosen to feed negativity into the chain, this time, now with your freewill entirely freed, you are able to initiate another feeding line into the chain, a feeding line that is no longer subject to the negativity that was there. And so when you choose to feed God's life into it, God's life goes in! After this prayer you are no longer just at the receiving - victim end - anymore, you begin to freely inject in your choices as well, and if you make good ones, so you begin to purify your lines down the generations, in place of where they had "soiled" them down to you, (in given aspects, obviously, not in everything). And people down the line will get good things without ever having worked for them, just as God's intention was when He made us part of such a system. So how am I free then, really, if after this prayer my family attachments remain and the people of my family keep on doing their bad stuff, for example? Once you reclaim your full spiritual freedom through this prayer the chain of the bad stuff done in your family, both past and present, doesn't get to you anymore automatically as it did before, because you have consciously distanced your will from it, even if your prior association into the family's “common will” had been unconscious, just following nature. It's a bit like Baptism. By nature we are born into the sin of Adam. But when we get here we "freely and consciously" distance ourselves from that situation, and we, in a way, cut that automatic feeding line of Adam's sin to us. And so what people of your family now choose to do are their personal choices in the proper sense of the word, as we had originally (erroneously) thought it was, at the time when their actions were still directly affecting us. And while you are able to inject in the good, you do not automatically take in the bad anymore, you create a one-way feeder road as it were. How can you do that? How can you decide to feed it one-way, isn't it against the very nature of the chain system itself? Yes you can, because the original designer of the system meant it exactly for that kind of thing: to be a feeder road for the good, not for the bad. And with this prayer process you go through you tap into, clear, and re-establish that original nature of the system. Moreover on the other hand, you don't only break the chain of the negatives coming to you from your family, but you also break it for everyone in the family! What does that mean? It means that in case they were engaged into doing the bad stuff also because of a family bondage, that you personally had escaped or resisted- that's why you were not doing the bad stuff yourself, your breaking that chain makes their freewill freer too, and tomorrow - if not today, they will find it much easier to decide to stop the negative things because the pressure on them for doing those things has been significantly pulled off, leaving ordinary temptation. This is what I call being put back on a “level-ground playing field”, as opposed to having been placed on a sloppy ground, by a bondage, when the good we wish for is uphill and the bad downhill. Do you see the system logic? This is why and how people go through a seminar here in the US and their alcoholic brother in Mexico, for example, decides to stop drinking the following day - without ever having known what his siblings in the US did yesterday. Or, one does the prayer here and his sibling in Africa who had been estranged from the family for 10 years returns home in a few following days - as it happened for my family with my youngest brother. Or, that family that I mentioned before, that was not having naps, that they all begin to have naps wherever they were in the US and yet only two members of the family came to the seminar; things like that. It is because the negative chain is broken for everybody. This doesn't mean that everybody will be obliged to become a saint tomorrow, don't forget they too have a freewill also freed, and in principle they can still choose to do the wrong things. But the consequences will now remain their personal business, they don't feed that to us anymore. My statements here should be slightly modified when dealing with situations where family bondages (or any other negative situations for that matter), may have struck so hard as to induce severe psychological damage to the person. In that case it is not enough to re-establish the person on a level-ground playing field, which the family healing prayer does, but psychotherapeutic help, which is something in the natural realm, because dealing with our natural spirit-ual reality – the psyche – (see cardinal point 1 in Chapter 4), is often required. It naturally brings the person to a level where healing prayer can then be beneficial. A Note About Psychotherapeutical Interventions. With time in this ministry, I slowly discovered that whereas the Lord, the Divine Healer, is prompt to respond to our prayer for His suffering children when we ask Him, whenever we had situations of praying for people that had been involved in traumatic situations to a considerable degree we would hardly make any headway, God really dragged His feet. It was basically a request He did not respond to. I later came up with a hypothesis about this: supposing the Lord wanted us to do some background psychotherapy work before He would come in? By and large this seemed to be the case. It was always only after some psychotherapy work had been done that prayer became very effective. Watching this happen over a period of time, my hypothesis crystallized as follows: God dwells in people, and anything that isolates us from people isolates us from God. He meets us in people and we meet Him in people. This is why our faith in God is always to do with relations with others. When traumatic situations happen, for the most part caused by people to people, the victim, because of the hurt, experiences an automatic isolation from “people”, whether personally from that person, or even any people who in some way may remind the victim of the offender, even if just a simple resemblance. This therefore leaves the person (the victim) on a bad note with people, which note the Lord doesn’t want to underscore by healing the person directly or miraculously, or the person will be confirmed in his negative view of people in general: people are bad, they do me harm; but my God is the only good one as He heals me! This attitude obviously becomes a problem to the God who always comes to us through people. He would be setting Himself up to be systematically missed by this person, as the person will be looking up to a God in the sky, the good God, surely not in people of whom the person may naturally tend to be suspicious. So what does God do? It seems God prefers first to seek out other people who will first undo the traumatic damage done by the first person, or at least some of it, and then He comes in with His own healing power to heal whatever else remains to be healed. What is the effect of this? The person remains on a good note with people: yes, there may be people who do harm, but there are also good people, like the one who helped me redress my trauma, you just have to look for them. The trauma victim’s openness to people seems to be what the Lord intends to obtain first, by not short-cutting the healing of heavy trauma. Addendum to Appendix 8, pg.338, this is a paragraph in between the third and four paragraphs of this page. Praying about access point no. 4 using the paraliturgy happens very smoothly. But praying through it using the “Quick One” can be tricky. Remember you are praying through the three steps: repentance, canceling agreements and casting out satan, and calling in the Holy Spirit. And what are you going to find under no.4? It will be situations concerning three areas: circumstances of life, behaviors, or diseases. And the question here is, what am I repenting for in step one of the prayer? Now regarding behavior, you will most probably have identified a behavioral trait that is negative, so you may have actual negative actions that you have seen recurrent in your family and can therefore at least see the possibility of repenting about them to God, even if you are not personally involved, a communal repentance, - this is not strange to you anymore by the end of this book. But what do you repent for, and why, when it comes to the diabetes you have discovered running in your family, or the cancer, or the poor eye sight, or the arthritis, or the anxiety, etc, (diseases)? What do you repent for, and why, when it comes to this steady finding of yours that your family never have stable jobs, never find good marriage partners, their children never make it in school, and yet in all these situations there has been genuine application and trying, (circumstances of life)? Should you be repenting about their earnestly trying or what? And in the former case should you be repenting about being sick or what? This is the question. We shall have to retrace some of the steps we worked through way back in this book, particularly Jn 10:10 in chapter two. From God comes only abundant life and nothing else. If we have anything else other than that, it, in one way or another, eventually and ultimately, comes from the one who is on the rampage to steal, kill and destroy our life, the “sucker” of our lives (Jn 10:10). And therefore behind all those negativities I have discovered running in my family I have to place, in some way, shape, or form, the destroyer of life. Don’t just call it nature. Yes, it is nature at this point, but nature that has been messed up with and which the Lord is eager to set right if you give Him the chance, just like He sets right the nature of the man born blind (Jn 9:1ff). Do you think all that happened to that man would have happened if this man went around settled in this being “just natural” since he was born that way? Do you see where the sucker of our lives begins to make us lose track? Once you buy the “natural” approach, exactly nothing will happen, and you will settle in providing the sucker with his pain treat from you for as long as you live! And I am only talking about your thinking this is “natural”, and not thinking it is “God’s will”; I am assuming that you don’t have this latter problem anymore, or you should re-read Chapter Two. In short, its being “natural” does not dispense it from having the destroyer of our life behind it. And once you are clear on that point you are on solid ground. Now, we know that there is no other way that the destroyer of life can come into our lives and do anything at all other than through sin. Sin is the only entry point of satan into our lives, (all his four access points that we now know involve incidences of sin). One who talks of sin talks of freewill; and that’s the end, or beginning, of the chain. So back there, wherever the evil one entered my family system in order to be able to cause this particular negative situation I am observing today, there was freewill, with which freewill consent was given to satan in sin, and therefore satan was invited into my family system. After this point two things could have happened:1/ that the sin was never repented for, or 2/ that the sin was, sooner, or even later, repented for. In the first case, if it was not repented for then I am going to repent now, like the Prophet Daniel’s repentance. But what if it was already repented for? Yes, it could have been repented for. But if so, and still today we are in this bad situation, then we are dealing with the consequences of that sin which consequences my family back then did not know how to commit to Christ the way we are going to do it now, in order to have them removed as well. However, whichever the case may be, we begin the process by repenting, for whenever there is any insinuation of sin between us and the Father our first response is repentance. But then how exactly do we repent about this? Do we know when the sin – the agreement with satan – was committed? No. Do we know who committed it? No. Do we know what the sin was? No. Do we know why the sin was committed? No. Do we even know whether it is one sin or many sins together? No we don’t. We know nothing of anything surrounding that entering into agreement with satan. But do we know it was committed at all? Yes! Because today, the destroyer of our life is sucking it from my family right now, and he could only have entered through sin. So you discover that you are completely in the dark about these situations and yet you are sure of where you stand because of what you are seeing today. And that is all you need to make a good repentance. Why? Because even if I am unclear about the details of the situation/s, the other two parties involved are absolutely clear about them; and they are God and satan. God knows exactly all the circumstances of that agreement that was made with satan (through which he came in to cause this or that) and it has pained His heart ever since because no one ever looked there again to undo it. And secondly, satan knows very well when it was exactly that he came in, with whom, on what day, year, century, and what it was he had used. Actually, since then he may have been celebrating anniversaries every year of the event, oh it was such a pleasure when all that happened for him! It is armed with that knowledge that we proceed with step one of the “Quick One”, and we can be even very specific as you will now see. I therefore repent to God about that agreement that was made with satan by those to whom I am attached by His eternal design of creation, (therefore, “we” have sinned), through which satan came in and inflicted my family with diabetes, or sickle cells, or poor eye sight, or whatever other disease he invented for us. So I am able to specifically point at that sin, or sins, satan used to come in and cause that particular debilitation of my family system, even if I don’t exactly know it – but which the Father knows very well. Then at step two, I will take the same route and proceed to specifically cancel that agreement with satan and cast him out of that particular area, sending him to a sure location we know he will be kept in check: the foot of the Cross of Jesus, the instrument of his defeat. And so I will turn to satan and, always putting the Name of Jesus in the middle (we don’t speak directly to satan – we don’t have that strength on our own without Jesus ‘ Name), I will go ahead and call him up and tell him, in the Name of Jesus, that I am pulling out of this; it is my freewill, it is my decision, and it is my family, and moreover I or my sibling or relative, was paying the price; all things which empower me to end this agreement. And on the specific side again I am able to tell him, I am canceling the agreement we made with you through which you came into our family and stuck cancer to it, or epilepsy, or on the side of life circumstances; joblessness, unstable marriages, unruly children, making the wrong friends, etc. Satan can’t say he doesn’t know what you are talking about, because you are being very specific here. Being specific at this step two with satan is much more important than it is at step one with repentance to God. God does not keep scores of our wrongs, they are just before Him and He wishes they were not. But satan, yes, he keeps each and every one of them, he jealously keeps the records of his scores, because they are his trophies and the sources of his power in those areas of your family. Therefore they matter so much to him, each one of them, and he hopes he can conceal as many as possible from us, so we don’t discover the secret keys of his power in our family situation. But as time passes your vision will continuously clear up and you will be able to spot more and more of them, and pull them out one by one too. Then at step three we call in the Holy Spirit into those specific areas. Again there is less need of being specific here with God just as in step one, but because you now know the areas you are talking about exactly, go ahead and be specific, you have been given vision by God, honor it and pray with it, why not?!
  • How do I easily tell the difference between the two editions, given that they have an identical cover?
  • Look at the book price on the back cover. The First Edition has $19:95, the Second Edition has $20:00.
  • I have finished reading the book. Now what?
  • Congratulations for finishing the reading of my book! One step closer to salvation! Don’t be surprised if while you read the book you felt, saw, or thought rather curious things were happening around or with you. That is a very common occurrence with many readers of this book. And “weird” as those things, whatever they are, may be, they are a good sign. It would seem someone is getting really worried because he is seeing you getting "too close", as now you are no longer in the dark as to his secret operations. He begins to want to detract you, to make you focus your attention elsewhere. Therefore once one has read this book and finished it like you have, we normally recommend that you begin a daily practice of saying the protection prayers on pages 339 and 340. To your usual morning prayers add the Starting protection prayer, and to your usual evening prayer add the Ending protection prayer - everyday - these will contain the attacker. Then begin to work in earnest now to prepare your family prayer. Use Appendices 1-4 for that. Prepare your four corresponding sheets, one for each of the four appendices which represent the four access points of the evil one into our lives which you now know very well. Once that is done you are ready, either to go to a seminar that Fr.Joseph is conducting somewhere, or to pray at home, or with a group of other people who want to pray this way for their families. The prayer can be done in two ways: 1/ Using the Paraliturgy prayer 2/Using the Quick One - in Appendix 7. Both prayers obtain the same results of freeing your family. And you begin both prayers with the Starting protection prayer on pg 339, and end both of them with the Ending protection prayer on page 340. But the paraliturgy is best done when you are more than one person. Each person prepares the prayer for their family, and then at prayer one person leads the prayer taking the P/L part while the others answer. One doesn’t need to read anything off their sheets aloud. At each stage of the prayer simply put the relevant sheet on top of the pile and simply place it in front of you. Both the Father, and satan know very well what you wrote in there, and neither can say you don't know what you are talking about - especially satan, our enemy, who tries to duck out of your firing line with excuses - not this time! But where the paraliturgy prayer requires it, where indicated either by blanks ----- or a parenthesis referring you, at that moment go to your sheets and mention those things/names only mentally, not aloud. Then also after that the prayer leader can have someone of the group lead him/her to pray for his/her own family as well. Two people can also do this, leading each other in turns. Husband and wife, for example, can do it perfectly. If all the people doing it are of the same family then they don't need to exchange roles after that, as the leader's family is the same family that all the led were praying for. The Quick One is the ideal prayer for praying about your family when you are alone. This is what is explained thoroughly in Appendix 8, how to use it applying it to the material that you have prepared from your family's situation - the four sheets. But some people have said that while still using the Quick One they found that some prayers in the paraliturgy were so expressive of what they wanted to say, so they would pick out prayers here and there while using the Quick One! Fine! Why not? The Quick One simply gives you the opportunity and the freedom to go about this prayer at your pace, and you can put in as many things as you want, and why not some things that you like from the book? Note that you can say the Quick One once in 5 minutes or in 3 months! In the first instance you just gave a minute or so to each step, in the second instance you gave a month to each step. it just depends on the amount of time and thoroughness you have and want to give it at any given moment. One may say the Quick One twice between putting on one's shoes and leaving the house. But one can also do a week's retreat with it, putting a couple of days for each step. It would be great if you can have especially that first big prayer process for your family accompanied by a request for a Holy Mass celebrated for your family. Ask your priest to pray for your family, on or around the day of your prayer. You will see many of the fruits of that Mass, for the now obvious reason that you know from your reading, summarized in that illustration on page 243.
  • I have done the prayer at home, or have been to Fr.Joseph's seminar for the Healing of Families. Now what?
  • Designed as a personal prayer, The Quick One works best as the follow-up prayer to the thorough prayer you have done for the healing of your family, whichever of the two you used – the paraliturgy or the Quick One itself; - or the seminar – which uses the paraliturgy. The difference this time is that you won’t have to be as thorough as you were the first time. The Quick One handles very well too those issues that the Holy Spirit will begin to gradually remind you of which you forgot to put in your first prayer, you simply fix them in as they come to your memory and take them through the three steps. Or you can be repeating some of those issues you feel have been the hardest to break in your family, those that have caused most damage and pain, just as they come to mind. Nothing prevents you from doing the paraliturgy prayer again after a while, if you feel like it, writing only those things you feel drawn to write up again. It all depends on what you are observing is going on in your family. If you feel some issues need to be put "on the fire" again throw them in. But life is going to begin to change right in front of you. Put some steady prayer life, however little, in your life too, but steady meaning you don't miss it. Your usual morning and evening prayers should be there every day. To your morning prayer add the Starting protection prayer, to your usual evening prayer add the Ending protection prayer. Say the long St Michael prayer at least three times a week for your family- more if you can, but at least 3 times. This steadiness will give you a basic spiritual warfare background that satan can’t play much with. But good as spiritual warfare prayer is, it does not replace your prayer relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! That is the ultimate relationship you want to protect! That is the relationship that gives us ultimate protection against any evil, here or hereafter. And it is the relationship that satan targets to destroy so we become prey to him. It is in order to protect that relationship that you say the spiritual warfare prayer at all. However they remain prayers aimed at the enemy not to God! So they only keep satan away from it (your relationship with God) but don’t make it grow in itself. Especially, spiritual warfare prayers say absolutely nothing to God about how we want to love and serve Him in the world. They say nothing of our response to His word which is what He is always straining His ear toward us to hear what we have to say about it, for our life or non-life begins right there. That’s why you have to actively put something positive in place after all this fighting off of the evil one. What eventually ultimately keeps him off and away is when the spot has God in it. Therefore don't let a day pass without reading something of the word of God. And here we don’t mean the listening to the word of God which you do when you may go to daily Mass, for example. No, we mean you taking the Bible at home and reading something from it, however little, but on a daily basis. It is very important to learn to go to the sources of God’s word yourself. It is not like listening to it. Both actions, listening to it and reading it, are good and important but serve different purposes. Now, this is working on building a living relationship with God! See again what is said on this point on pages 34-35 of the book. It is also known from the lives of the saints that the mere reading of the word of God was a strong weapon against our enemy. Jesus, of course, you remember, fights off the daring temptations of satan just by using the word (Mt 4:1-11). But all this begins by our knowing that the word! If we don’t know God’s word we don’t know the God who wrote it. And as you now very well know it is there that our problems begin: lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6). And keep those good old prayer devotions you’ve treasured over the years, keep the Rosaries going, the novenas, the litanies, your Holy hour, etc… All these work on the God-relationship building line. Don’t replace them, just add to them the spiritual warfare prayers so they can get to do their intended work with the least obstruction from satan. You do these little things then just watch how grace will come down in lumps over your home. You will wonder where you have been all this time up to now!!!
  • I have a bookstore and would like either to be a retailer or a distributor of this book. What should I do?
  • Please send your contact information to:
  • What other prayers does Fr.Joseph recommend to go with these prayers for the healing of Families?
  • The prayers that have proved very useful and powerful especially in those situations that linger on long after
    the healing of Families prayer, are the prayers of the devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus. Be sure to get
    the prayer booklet for these prayers that comes out of Tallahassee, Florida - USA:
    The combination of these two prayer formats, The Healing of Families Prayer and the Precious Blood devotion
    has proved super effective in our experience.
  • Does Fr.Joseph's book have an Imprimatur?
  • No, it doesn't have one. And the reason is that his former bishop (during the time when his book was first published) didn't think it needed one. Imprimaturs are required for books on the doctrine of our faith, things we must believe as part of our faith; prayers we must say in order to ensure our communion of faith with the entire Catholic Church worldwide. Instead, varieties of spiritual reading books about prayer and spirituality are books the faithful can pick and choose as they wish, pick this or that if they want or drop it if they don't want it, and pick what speaks to them instead. You are probably familiar with the great spiritual writers like Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton, and people like that. They have written great books but which don't carry imprimaturs; they are about ways of expressing faith but which ways are relative, not doctrinal and not dogmatic. Books on healing and healing prayer are of the same nature, one is not forced to pray for healing if they don't want or feel like, it is relative. They can still go to Heaven without healing. But specifically books about healing prayer if they are good they speak for themselves; take it, read it, and do it, if it works then it is worthwhile, if it doesn't work most probably one never even gets to hear about it.... It is that quick to determine their value. Unlike many other spiritual writings in our faith, this particular kind of literature immediately shows its worth. Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa has been the preacher of the Papal Household for over 25 years, and has written a lot of books on healing and even on the Holy Spirit. But with the incredible number of Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and even Popes, that he knows and that know/knew him, none of these books of his carries an imprimatur, for the same reason explained above, they are not doctrinal. Another thing that is helpful for parishes before they invite Fr. Joseph to do a seminar in a given parish, is the long list of parishes in different dioceses and countries he has already been invited to, as it appears on this website. In each of those dioceses the Bishop first checks out with Fr. Joseph's Bishop in Pensacola who the priest coming is. And it goes without saying that if Fr. Joseph is not in good standing, he simply would never get the invitations… His book is always available to the organizers who read it before they invite him. 
  • Official_Statement_from_Diocese_Pensacola_Tallahassee.pdf
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  • Can I replace my spouse who isn’t interested in this prayer by breaking his/her family bondages for him/her?
  • No, you cannot replace your spouse in their spiritual authority in their own family to disengage their family's freewill where it was engaged. If you want to help people TEACH people; so teach them about what is going on so that they can take their own responsibility about whatever is going on in their family to undo it.

    But otherwise, of course nothing prevents anybody from praying for anybody in the world! And that’s called prayer of intercession, in fact it is all we always knew up to now, and it has it’s own validity and effectiveness, it’s just not the same kind of prayer as the HOF prayer which superiorly has a much higher rate of effectiveness because of the “spiritual authority” involved. By spiritual authority we mean the fact that one prays from within a family system which they “fully own” given that they are part and parcel of it: body and spirit of it, attachments in/to it, decisions in it that have shaped this person’s life, etc. One cannot share to that depth a spouse’s life. By the time people meet to get married, even at age 16 if they will, each of then is already “fully formed” in their own family system – it’s "too late" as it were. They are who and what they are already … A good sign would be: if I marry into a family with diabetes, do I catch it? No! Why? Because it belongs to the family of my spouse not to mine. But can my child get it? Yes! Because that is “her” family! You realize that the limitedness of human language makes us say the same word - "oneness" with a spouse but it quite means different things depending on the context. We wish we would have different words to designate the different types of oneness that there can be, but helas not ...!

    A very good practical way, however, that has proven itself effective in this prayer is to go through this prayer process with your child whom you share with your spouse. The child brings the absent spouse’s side of the family on board the prayer …, and often with very visible results. The child equally holds both parents’ families …, just like you do with both your parents when you go through this prayer…
  • Can I go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and make a Generational Confession?
  • There is nothing like a generational confession in the sacrament of reconciliation. The sacrament of reconciliation clears us of personal sin, of personal guilt; and it is meant only for that, not the sin of our families.  For the sin of our families we may only carry its consequences, not the guilt. Read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church about this sacrament in section 1422 and following. I don't confess the sins of others in my sacrament of confession.

    The prophet Daniel’s and Baruch's generational confessions that Father Yozefu refers to in Chapter 11 of his book were more like public confessions than anything – in fact, they were written for everybody to see, and that’s how we know about them today. You don’t write down your personal confession and send it to the press, do you?  And that “public approach” to generational confession is what we do in the paraliturgy at the end of the book. Those prayers make us do exactly what Daniel and Baruch did.

    Father Yozefu also mentions in his book, on page 222, a privileged moment for us today, provided by the Church, for the public confession of the sin of our society, that according to him we don’t make full use of, which are the communal penitential services during the seasons of Lent and Advent. We should more resolutely go to these penitential services because the sins in our society necessarily affect us whether we like it or not – we are part of our society. St. John Paul II used to speak of “structures of sin” in human societies, which no single person is directly responsible for but for which everyone in that society pays the consequences. What’s the point of claiming our innocence if we are paying the price anyway through suffering sins’ consequences that spread out all through the society in which we live?! And if those who commit them (where we can say so) don’t bother to repent at least let us do it because we know better. This is what pushes the prophet Daniel to do what he did in his prayer for repentance to God—he knew better, and showed it.
  • I bought the Healing of Families CD, but it's blank!
  • It is not blank. It is in MP3 format and most probably the players you are using don't play MP3s. The MP3 format, a very compact format, is the only available way by which that one CD can hold 9 hours of audio as it does. Otherwise to put all that audio in a more ordinary format that plays on all players would require 15 - 16 CDs. So please do find a player that plays MP3s and you will be fine. Your car player may or may not play MP3s, depending on which player the manufacturer gave it. Your desktop computer will play it depending on how new the computer is. But your laptop, even an old laptop, will always play it. Conversely, you could also peel the files off using your computer and burn many ordinary CDs which you can play anywhere.